100 UI/UX Tips & Tricks

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100 UI/UX Tips & Tricks

12 ratings

What this book is about?

For the whole year, I've been tweeting and collecting UI/UX tips. I end up with more than 120+ of them.

Not all of them are good, some are controversial, some are opinionated.

So I removed the worse and compiled the rest in 100 tips that I put in a few categories. Almost every tip has an illustration, as well as a description.

Apart from that, I tried to provide some external resources that are related to the tip or that provide some proof. In total there are more than 50+ additional links complementing this book.

👉 You can download a free preview here

Who is this book for?

Basically for everyone interested in user interfaces.

It might be especially useful for developers, founders and aspiring designers.

What's inside?

Exactly 100 UI/UX tips. Every tip takes exactly 1 page, so they are concise and easy to digest because almost all of them are illustrated.

A few examples are in the gallery above.

What do other people say?

“Learning UI can be tricking, but seeing and understanding tips like these can help you level up, I enjoyed reading this book, lots of wisdom that took me years to learn here.”

— Adrian Twarog (@adrian_twarog)

"This book is seriously impressive. It features tons of high quality, actionable UI/UX tips with visual "do's and don'ts" to help you design and build awesome applications - even if you're not a designer yourself. Victor has packaged everything together neatly without any fluff, so I highly recommend picking up this book to level up your practical design skills."

— Mads Brodt (@madsbrodt)

"I've been following Victor for quite a while and remember him posting all these UI/UX tips. What I can say is that you don't need a design degree to make decent interfaces. Especially if you are bootstrapped founder and don't have money for a designer. This book might help you much with that."

— Simon Høiberg (@SimonHoiberg)

"What I liked about this book is that it's easy to read. I'm a Frontend Engineer and sometimes it takes ages for me to make UI looks good. Among these tips, I found quite a few that I hadn't thought about earlier."

— Dimitri Ivashchuk (@DivDev_)

What is the option with a spreadsheet?

Since most of the tips were published on Twitter, people left some comments agreeing or disagreeing with every tip. Sometimes they might have provided a better solution or an interesting idea.

Plus, not all of the tips are in this book, I didn't include some of them.

The spreadsheet is a .xlsx file that contains ~120 links to my tips.

Apart from this, I've included big threads, that are dedicated to a specific topic, e.g. validation of sign-up forms. One thread has about 50+ curated links related to designing different UI controls, that got more than 10K likes.

For every tweet, I've also put the number of likes and retweets, which might be an indirect cue of how good it is. Or a least popular.

This is how it looks like 👇

What is the option with a review?

Besides tweeting UI/UX tips, I also did quite a few UI/UX reviews in different formats. At first, I made them for free, but then I realized that it takes quite a lot of time and effort to make them.

After I got some positive reviews, I decided that I need to charge some money. Well, it will increase the quality of the review after all.

So a review is basically a Loom video, usually ~30-50 minutes long, where I go through your interface and try to point out all the mistakes I see. Before I do this, I go through the interface myself.

In some cases, the UI already looks good enough, so I got nothing much to add. In this case, I'll either try to go deeper or just make a refund. You can also send me a message with your site upfront so that I check it and say if I'm able to help or not.

How will I get the review?

There is a .txt file with my email and Twitter. You should send me a link to your site or design or whatever you need to review, and I'll record a video within a few days.

You can send me your site upfront on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vponamariov.

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